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Feeling Blue

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Collection: Women In Colour

Size: 48 H x 36 W x 1.3 in

Medium: acrylic on canvas

This piece was inspired by the emotional pain carried by many women.
This woman is strong, fierce and beautiful. However, she is deeply
depressed. She has been depressed for so long it has become her
identity, she is scared to let go of what burdens her because for as
long as she can remember these burdens have been with her. Her strength
inspires the women around her to keep pushing through.

I made her bald because there is something so striking and powerful
about a bald headed woman to me. There is definitely a societal pressure
on women to have long hair and I think it is amazing when a woman
chooses to go against the norm and feel totally comfortable in her skin.

When people look at this piece I hope it strikes some emotion and
provides some food for thought. This piece is very striking, I wanted
the woman to look very fierce. This is definitely not a piece you can
walk by without noticing. I created a lot of texture in the piece using a
mixing medium, the woman's cheek has the most texture with a variety of
colour which definitely stands out.

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